TOP 7 SUMMER CLOTHINGS 2019 In this blog of Shophatkey  we will tell you about some of the chic summer fashion outfit tips, we hope after reading this you will enjoy more this summer season. Let’s play fashion games with nature by changing through its temperatures. As the climate changes our fashion state changes accordingly. Here are some 2019 summer outfits for women . 1. Collar Style Long Top Women working in corporate or in a profession, those who have to attend meetings and seminars are usually seen in formal blazers or coats, as in summer it becomes quite uncomfortable if you are not in an air conditional environment all the time. Now no need to be in an uncomforted zone any longer, you can switch to a formal looking collar long tops which give you a corporate look with Keeping you cool all the time. You can carry it with black or grey leggings along with heels.

Top & Tunics – Your BFF for Summer Hangouts

Top & Tunics – Your BFF for Summer Hangouts Top & tunics are seen everywhere these days, exclusively among young girls. The demand & print pattern increased tremendously and consequently in the market as well as online sites. recognizes your fashion desires that why we bought some of the unflappable collection for summer hangout period. Women’s are so comfortable & adaptable to wear top & tunics for daily day to day lifestyle. It is a most common misconception that wearing top & tunics only for casual wear these days’ women love to explore her tops or tunics outfit in the official environment too. Let’s talk about trendy print patterns and styles for every summer event. Street side chic – Crop tops Crop tops now set their own place in the tops design category. In these days girls want a stripe shoulder crop top in her wardrobe. You can team up crop top with slim fit jean along with white sneakers. For additional compliment

About Shophatkey

How we work in shophatkey for a better fashion statement? Shophatkey name itself denotes for something hatkey (Unique), We passionately work for making India fashionable by providing best quality products to customers. Being our own in the house the manufacturing we are able to check every inch of the products which results in a masterpiece, our core aim is to focus on fashion and the latest trend. Almost 90% of the products sold on shophatkey are in house designed and manufactured,  our team focus on proving something new each time we event new prints designs. Our products are spread all over India as we have other sources where the products can be available like on retails, wholesales and on other E-commerce websites. We are into men's and women's fashion and home & Living products. Our home decor products are also self-manufactured like clothing so as the customer can design their own products like carpets, cushions, and bed sheets. We never compromise in